Whether you are looking for a short-term contract, a long-term relationship, or a one-off project, I’m here to help. 

Everything you say and do in regards to your business is an opportunity to sell your products and services. The words you choose—and the way you say them—can have a big impact on your brand image, ultimately leading to wins or losses in revenue. My job is to help you define that voice and carry it across all marketing channels to entice and enchant your target audience. 

While strategic wordsmithing works wonders—your customers have to be able to find you! I use clear and effective communication strategies coupled with digital wizardry to increase your organic search results through search engine optimization (SEO). 

Because marketing feeds sales, I must tell you that I adore crafting sales pitches and strategizing the most effective ways to tell an honest story about why you are the best at what you do. I prioritize branding, marketing, sales and customer service in all of my coaching and communications work. The following list is a sample of my services:

Brand Guidelines 

Your vision, mission, purpose, and values are the pillars of your organization. In addition to these pillars, I’ll tune into your brand to give it a voice and language. What does it look like? Sound like? Feel like? More than just guidelines, this is the essence of your brand. It’s also a guidebook for anyone who creates your social media content, sales collateral, and print or digital advertising and marketing materials.

Website Content

Your website is the engine of your organization. Not only does it add credibility to your company, but it’s often the lifeblood of your business. It’s where you tell your story and create relatable experiences for your audience. It’s where you share testimonials and case studies as social proof. Your website deserves to be well optimized to increase organic search traffic, with compelling copy designed to convert leads into customers

Product & Services Copywriting

Are you having trouble nailing down the right language to share what you offer? Don’t worry, most people do. It’s hard to be so intimately attached to something you’ve created and feel like you can’t put it into words. No need for a cheesy sales pitch, I will help explain and express why you are the best at what you do. Not only will this copy exist as a part of your website, but it can be used across social media, product packaging, sales pitches, and other marketing materials. 

Editorial & Blog Content

Did you know that websites with a blog receive 55% more organic traffic than those without one? Crazy, I know. Creating all of that content might seem intimidating to some, but this is actually my favorite part of being a writer. Creating an effective blog is like a puzzle. I set out to search for the optimal keywords to boost rankings and create an outline designed to dazzle search engines. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the pieces come together and watching your website climb the rankings on search engine result pages (SERP). Check out my journalist portfolio at Muck Rack.

Company Communications

As your team grows (and you know it will!) it’s a good idea to create a culture of effective communication. Your team should all be on the same page to effectively represent your business in every department. To do this, clear and consistent communications are a must. This looks like newsletter updates, special announcements introducing new team members, information regarding upcoming launches, and other valuable information that lets your team know that everyone is included.

Competitive Analysis & Market Research

Knowing who your competitors are is an important part of your marketing strategy. If you don’t know who is winning over your target market, how can you expect to find a way into the hearts of your ideal customers? A competitive analysis takes a look into your top competitors, who they serve, price points, and offerings. I’ll dig into their website and found out how their audience finds them, using this information to strengthen your position. 

Sales Strategy & Customer Service Support

Okay, so you have a great website, you’re staying active and producing content, but the sales just aren’t landing. How can you turn more leads into customers? Enter: the art of sales persuasion. But not in a slimy kind of way. I’m talking about well-worded, compelling pitches that shine a line on your value proposition. I’m talking about quickly overcoming common objections and finding the best way to nurture leads. This is the juicy stuff where we get to have fun practicing pitches, crafting stock emails, and canned responses. This is the confidence-booster you need before your next big launch. 


Ready to get started? 

Shoot me a message and we can set up a free 30-minute discovery call. If we are a match made of marketing magic, I’ll create a statement of work for you. This will include a timeline of completion for each milestone we’ve agreed to and a total cost to you. I offer both hourly rates for consulting services and bundled project pricing. The best way to find out my rates for your unique project is to reach out!  

We can’t say enough about Holly’s content writing. She’s written several articles for us, including articles for our blog. ‘How to Use a Kief Box’ article is ranking on the 1st page of Google for our targeted keywords.

Jeffrey Wilson

Owner, Keefer Scraper




420 Interactive  is a cannabis marketing agency focused on branding, web development, digital marketing, and advertising. Their clients range from digital cannabis media giants like The Weed Blog to popular cannabis brands like Flow Kana and Bloom. I develop content for a variety of 420 Interactive’s clients, including blog posts, journalism, landing pages, website content, and email marketing campaigns..

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cannecht is a digital cannabis marketplace designed to help licensed cannabis operators and service providers find one another. More than a directory, cannecht uses AI to help refine criteria like budget, timeline, and other project details to match operators with their ideal vendors. It’s like Angie’s list for cannabis business owners. Projects include developing website content, brand guidelines, blog posts, press releases, and editing various documents such as thesis statements and pitch decks.

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Joybyte is a team of digital marketing professionals focusing on social media strategy and content marketing. They work with a vast network of clients in multiple industries. As a freelance writer, I take on a variety of writing projects that prioritize strong digital marketing strategies to increase client website traffic and promote greater brand awareness. Projects include keyword research, writing optimized blog content, social media captions, landing pages, and website content.

oregon leaf

Leaf Magazines is a grassroots cannabis publication highlighting relevant local, national, and global cannabis news and the people supporting the plant. As of 2021, Leaf Magazines operates in 13 states, with 15,000 copies delivered to over 600 locations in Oregon alone. As a long-time reader, I reached out to the fine folks at Oregon Leaf and asked if I could be a contributing author. They said yes. 

Here are my first two reviews for the mag:

keefer scraper

Keefer Scraper creates a line of luxury weed accessories like kief scrapers and dab tools. These handy little devices are found in every stoner’s tool kit to maximize their smoking experience. By luck of the internet, I was connected with the fine folks at Keefer Scraper who were looking to increase their digital footprint and improve their search engine rankings. It worked. In addition to writing new blog content, I’ve written several guest posts on their behalf for various cannabis news and media outlets.


Reality Sandwich is a free public education platform with over 5,000 pieces of content for the psychedelically curious. Their website features diverse viewpoints in psychedelic culture, research, and safety that aim to break down the stigma of psychedelics. Projects include writing articles, webpage content, Wikipedia page development, and proofreading editorial content from a diverse pool of writers.

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Sansarc Culture is the mother brand to a line of customizable wedding gowns, organic skincare, and homewares. Their theme of “Elevating handcrafted culture” begins with ethically-sourced material ingredients and results in heirloom gowns, luxury skincare, and inspired homeware and kitchen goods. Projects include writing website content, product copy, developing and refining brand voice for social media, and business development consulting.

*Website content written in collaboration with Cold Pizza Creative.

Lunchbox Alchemy is a cannabis extract and edibles manufacturer based in Bend, OR. They have received multiple awards for exceptional products, branding, and marketing. As a legacy team member, I was an integral contributor to the voice, style, and tone of the Lunchbox Alchemy brand. With the unique position of working in sales, marketing, and product development I had a varied and complex view of the product life cycle — providing me with a deep understanding of B2B and B2C relationships in the cannabis CPG space. While the THC brand closed its doors in late 2021, Lunchbox Alchemy CBD is alive and well.

Holly is thorough, excellent in communications, with impeccable writing skills and attention to detail. Would hire her over and over again without a doubt. Thank you Holly you are a [cannabis] subject matter expert and wonderful to work with!

Dr. Umair Elahi

CEO, Begum LLC